2011-10-27Biggest douche bag on the face of the planet. No integrity or core values, lying sack of poop, doesn't know shit about his job. Piss poor NCO, no leadership or supervisory abilities. Looks like f'ing charlie brown. I was deployed with sack of crap for 5 months. Lies all the time to his subordinates and superiors. Gooding says he been put in charge of shops over MSgt's which is a total lie since he can't run a shop with 3 other SSgt's in it. Totally inept. Thank you Guam for sending a total piece of shit, you got him out of your hair but then fucked the people who had to work with him over here.
TSgt James K Gooding
Guam/ but deployed with this A-hole
2011-10-26This is the biggest waste of money I have ever encountered in the Air Force. How you going to have all this great equipment sitting with these fake AMMO troops while the ones out doing the work can't even get a fucking pin for their MAC that's falling apart? Fuck this so called school. How many people do we send to this time waster a year? Do you know how much money this costs? They also don't deal with theater challenges so when you come back to home station the game is different and you can't use what you applied. Waste of resources. Why even try to make a frag when you go, it means nothing, try to do it in a REAL operating location WITHOUT the tools or people. You will learn more in 1 minute that you would ever in 10 years of AFCOLaugh. Writing to my Congressperson now.
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