2011-09-29FYI, everybody makes staff their first time these days. If it takes you more than twice, you have either lost a strip or really are that dumb. Hell, you dont have to study to make it.
Whom ever is sucking SSgt Asbell off
2011-07-26How in the world does Walt Harris show up and play with Shady J at Ammo Bowl and not go through the players pool. Aint he stationed at Gunter in the CAS office. Yeah he aint the Walt Harris from the late 90's early 2000's but he still can play. His stick was a now show in the if game but he carried the team in the first championship game. He went 5 for 5 with two triples. Lets have some integrity here guys. This is why we have the players pool. Anybody can stack a team and come down and win. He should have went into the players pool and everybody should have had chance to pick him up. Childre probobly called him up and told him her was playing for them. Enjoy your trophy Shady "CheatingMF" J cause it is comin back to Florida Next YEAR!!!!!
Shady J
Niceville Fl Ammo Bowl
2010-09-07He is a Troop that made Staff on his first time and has the respect of his troops cause he is the best damn troop , supervisor around . This guy is a damn fine example of a True Ammo Troop !
Ssgt Asbell
2010-03-05Dude this guy is an AMMO GOD. If I can live the rest of my life without him needing to put his foot in my ass I'll have led a good life.
TSgt Mendenhall
2010-03-04I just wonder where TSgt Mendenhall got that "forming up" stuff from? He knows where it started. lol
TSgt Mendenhall
Whiteman AFB
2010-03-02The best damn group of NCO's a Airman could work for. They are old school ammo . They kick ass and take names and i could not think of anybody else i would rather work for!
Ssgt Levi , Ssgt Marshall, Ssgt Dulley
2010-01-05you may have rolled a forklift, done the jobs of our contractors for them and be a resident of TX but you aint too bad in our book. I cant tell you how many times I've had to listen to Master Burnett talk about the best way to make an example out of you, while your supervisor was there. I can still hear McKinnie say "help you him out of the Air Force" in my ears. Watched you get help when no one would help you. Heard how you tried to strangle TSgt O because of his comments, guess you should share your wife sometimes? Heard how you protected your wife from a physical attack, got arrested for doing so and then the CC burned you for doing that. You stood your ground. I'd love to tell you that anywhere else and any other AFSC would protect you but this place aint like others. Your not a bad worker or a bad person. But thank you for keeping the heat off the rest of us. Hendrickson will take your place and we will use him to show the rest how "bad" things can be if they dont do as they are told. Fuck AMMO calls and being treated fairly. Nazi Germany consumed most of Europe by instilling fear in their military. Why be proud when you can see what happens to Brown can happen to you too! SALUTE!!!
SrA Brown
RAF Croughton/Fairford/Welford
2009-11-18The AMMO leadership here at Sheppard now is awesome. Yes, AMMO is still under the microscope, but when are real AMMO troops ever not under the radar. They will make you work hard and hold you accountable to a standard, but they will support you 100%, give you the tools you need for the job, and stick up for you to anyone. MSgt Caldwell is the new flight super and he is by far the best flight chief I have ever worked for. He has a lot of AMMO pride and has put his neck on the chopping block for us many times. No matter what the rest of the Air Force thinks of him (and by that I mean non AMMO), all of his troops work hard to bust their balls for him and respect him a lot. The Insturctor Supervisors are TSgt's Roach, Blake, Putman, and Heier. There are four of the most awesome guys you will ever wook for. Yes AMMO is still under the microscope, and I hope we stay that way. What other job has as much pride in their work and is as essential to the mission. The answer: NONE! If you are looking for an awesome base then this is it. But be ready to work hard and part harder! IYAAYAS!!!
Instructor Supervisors
2009-11-12My first and prob the best shop i could ever have he cared about his troops and always did everthing he could to keep us going even when the shit hit the fan
Msgt Cox
PGM Kunsan
2009-09-17Because he forms us up to make himself look good. And he is Fit to Fight
TSgt Mendenhall
Whiteman AFB
2009-09-09Big props to the guys at Sheppard for putting on an excellent WORLD AMMO BOWL last weekend! Can't wait till next year!
Sheppard AMMO
Sheppard AFB, TX
2009-08-17because I read all these posts and my name has not been mentioned once! I must ROCK!
on my couch
2009-08-12This girl can drive 40 footers like no tomorrow.puts some of our guys to shame. We call her the rig whisperer
Nicole Nieszczur
2009-05-30Probably one of the best people ever to show up at Hurby. He has made them more money than anyone and saved several MASO's..
Hurlburt Field
2009-04-20Seriously, I have never seen any Airman on this bomb dump bust his ass more than SrA Horner. Despite him not sewing on SSgt, he knows his shit better than most SSgts around the dump. Don't get me wrong, I know alot of guys and gals that do their fare share but not Horner's. When other SSgts were put to Conventional, SrA Horner had to teach THEM what to do. Keep it up Horn Dog!
SrA Horner
Moody AFB
2009-04-13He's not ate-up.
SSgt. Gilliam
2009-03-29The AMMO Inspection Team at Elmendorf AFB, AK from 2005-2009 has been, without a doubt the best group of Inspectors I have ever worked with in my career. Their pride of ownership in the work they do has led Elmendorf to “best stockpile seen to date” during 3 major inspections (UCI/MASP/LSET). It is not all perfect, but it’s about as close as it gets. If you ever get a chance to work with these guys, you will understand what I mean. Thank you for making going to work something to look forward to everyday for the last 4 years. IYAAYAS! --DC45--
Munitions Inspection
Elmendorf AFB
2009-02-27SSgt Marshall embodies AMMO spirit with a wealth of tech know-how and a sense of humor that keeps troops interested in hearing what he has to say. He's a leader I'd be proud to fight with against the enemy or in a bar. A good mentor is priceless in first-line supervision, and I'm glad knowing he's out there training people I'm going to have to go TDY with one day.
SSgt Marshall
2009-02-04I have to give much love to the line-d folks at Bagram. They kicked ass!!! AMMO wasn't the only one that noticed. Lots of awesome comments came from the fighter squadrons. Never once did those guy falter even though their own Commander couldn't recognize their accomplishments. Line-D fucking rocked....Bagram AMMO rocked!!!!! Aug-Jan 09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bagram Line-D Mountain Home/Moody
Bagram AB, Afghanistan
2009-01-30This guy is the shit! Dude will sit there in a hurricane and juggle motherfreakin FEATHERS!! That's right, I said FEATHERS!! He is a storage guru and keeps his pimp hand strong just by being the outstanding SSgt he is day by day. He has truely taught me how to be an AMMO Troop once again. He found me in the third level of morale hell and showed me the way by taking me out on pub crawls and good gaming me when needed. AMMO stories are written after this guy.
Robert Milchak
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